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Edited by

Dothel W. Edwards, Jr., RhD

Yolanda V. Edwards, PhD




9 Chapters * 328 pages 


$49 plus S&H


ISBN: 978-0-9853389-3-0


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573.286.0418 or 573.317.0907.


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Chapter 1: Vocational Evaluation

Robin E. Perkins Dock-Winston Salem State University


Chapter 2: Forensic Rehabilitation and Case Management

Scott Beverage-George Washington University

Randall McDaniel-Auburn University

Stacey Karpen-George Washington University


Chapter 3: Transition Vocational Rehabilitation

Mary-Anne M. Joseph-Alabama State University


Chapter 4: Career Development

Brenda Y. Cartwright-Winston Salem State University

Gemma A. Williams-Kapi'olani Community College


Chapter 5: Case Approach to Medical, Functional, and Environmental Aspects of Disability

Robin E. Dock-Winston Salem State University

Tammara P. Thomas-Winston Salem State University


Chapter 6: Assistive Technology

Christopher M. Lee-Georgia Institute of Technology

Carolyn P. Phillips-Georgia Institute of Technology

Joy E. Kriskern-Georgia Institute of Technology

Sheryl Ballenger-Georgia Institute of Technology


Chapter 7: Psychosocial Aspects of Disabilities

Deanna L. Henderson-Alabama State University

Sonya M. Ware-Alabama State University

Carl Sabo-Wright State University


Chapter 8: Psychopathology

Necoal Driver-Alabama State University

LaWanda Edwards-Alabama State University


Chapter 9: Home and Workplace Accommodations

Jewell Dickson-Alabama State University

Greshundria Raines-Alabama State University

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