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New Directions in Rehabilitation Counseling

Creative Responses to Professional, Clinical, and Educational Challenges

Edited by: Paul J. Toriello, Malachy L. Bishop, & Phillip D. Rumrill

12 chapters - 304 pages              ISBN: 978-0-9721642-8-3

Soft Cover - $63 plus S&H

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      1.  A Renaissance of Consumer Autonomy:

            Moving From Self-Determination Theory

            to Therapy-Paul J. Toriello & Joseph E.



      2.  Psychosocial Adaptation to Chronic

           Illness and Disability: current Status and

           Considerations for New Directions-Malachy

           L. Bishop 


      3.  New Directions in Rehabilitation Research-

           Julie Chronister & Phillip Rumrill


      4.  Ethics and Accountability in Rehabilitation:

           Implications for Education, Clinical

           Practice, and Research-Michael T. Hartley


      5.  Disability and Rehabilitation in the

           International Context-Veronica I.

           Umeasiegbu, Elias Mpofu, & Ebonee T. Johnson


      6.  The Nature and Needs of People with

           Emerging Disabilities-Lynn Koch, Liza

           Conyers, & Phillip Rumrill

      7.  Individuals With Disabilities and the

           American Healthcare System-Ralph

           Crystal & Christina T. Espinosa


      8.  The Multicultural Rehabilitation

           Counseling Imperative in the 21st.

           Centruy-Allen N. Lewis & Jennifer L. Burris 


      9.  Person-Centered Assessment in

           Rehabilitation and Health Care-Ellias

           Mpofu, Rosamond Madden, James A.

           Athanasou, Robert Zoa Manga, W. Dent

           Gitchel, David B. Peterson, & Chih-Chin Chou


     10.  The Role and Participation of People with

            Disabilities in the New American

            Workplace-Martha Chapin 


     11.  A Rehabilitation Counselor Integration

            into the Successful Rehabilitation of

            Veterans with Disabilities-Michael P. Frain,

            Jungeun Lee, Mike Roland, & Molly K. Tschopp


     12.  Re-Conceptualizing the Treatment of

            Substance Use Disorders: The Impact on

            Employment-William Leigh Atherton & Paul J.


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