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Psychology of  Disability      

2nd Edition

Editors:   Andrea Perkins Nerlich, PhD 

Kathleen M. Glynn, PhD.

Softcover •  Spiral Bound • $54 plus S&H

Nine chapters •  279 pages

ISBN: 978-0-9853389-9-2

To order paper copies: Call Jason Andrew at 573.286.0418 or 573.317.0907.


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Chapter 1:  Understanding Disability from a Psychosocial  and Psychological Perceptive

Andrea Perkins Nerlich


Chapter 2:  Etiology of Disability

Melissa Manninen Luse


Chapter 3:  Public Perceptions of Disability

Kathleen M. Glynn

Andrea Perkins Nerlich

Michael P. Accordino


Chapter 4:  Disability Identity

Andrea Perkins Nerlich


Chapter 5: Self Concept and Self Esteem

Andrea Perkins Nerlich

Jamie Mitus


Chapter 6:  Coping

Andrea Perkins Nerlich

Sage Rose


Chapter 7:  Dealing With Uncertainty

Michelle Marme


Chapter 8:  Loss, Grief, Mourning, and Resilience

Jamie Mitus

Steve Zanskas


Chapter 9:  Multicultural Concepts of Disability

Roxanna N. Pebdani


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