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SUBSTANCE ABUSE: Treatment and Rehabilitation


Edited by:

  Dr. Joseph F. Stano, Springfield College


20 Chapters, 364 pages

Instructor's Manual available from Aspen Professional Services.

ISBN: 978-0-9721642-5-2

Soft cover   •  $63 plus S&H

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1. Overview of the Addictions Field. Joseph F. Stano

2. Epidemiology of Substance Abuse. Michael P. Accordino, Erica L. Wondolowski, & Bridget L. Halpin

3. Mechanism of Addiction. Arnold Wolf & Jacob Yui-Chung Chan

4. Alcohol and Alcoholism: Clinical Components. Stephanie L. Lusk, Kacie M. Blalock, Quintin Boston, & Miriam Lyde

5. Opioid Addiction & Dependence: Clinical Components. Stephanie L. Lusk

6. Cocaine & Crack Addiction: Clinical Components. Stephanie L. Lusk

7. Marijuana Abuse. Joseph F. Stano & Katherine E. Stano

8. Stimulants: Amphetamines and Methamphetamine. Melissa Manninen Luse & John F. Kosciulek

9. Hallucinogens and Dissociative Drugs. Joseph F. Stano, Katherine E. Stano, & Caitlin McInery Clemons

10. Nicotine Dependence: Clinical Components. Debra Homa & David DeLambo

11. Steroid Abuse. Katie Sell & Jamie Ghigiarelli

12. Pathological Gambling. Erica L. Wondolowski, Joseph F. Stano, & Katherine E. Stano

13. Sexual Addiction: Clinical Components. Andrea Perkins & Joshua L. Carpenter

14. Internet Addiction. Robert L. Hewes

15. The Spectrum of Treatment Options & Their Components. Genevieve Weber Gilmore, Holly Seirup, & Rebecca Rubinstein

16. Diagnostic & Screen Tests. Arnold Wolf & Joseph Keferl

17. Detoxification & Primary Treatment. Andrea Perkins & Cindy Robinson

18. Alcoholics Anonymous and the Self-Help Movement. Sharon Sabik

19. Children of Alcoholics. Allison Fleming, Robert L. Hewes, & Michael P. Accordino

20. Group Counseling Approaches. Genevieve Weber Gilmore & Andrea Perkins

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